Store Credit

Store credit is being discontinued in 2018. You can no longer buy store credit, or request returns for store credit.

You have until Nov 30, 2018 to spend your remaining store credits. On Nov 30, 2018, any outstanding credits will be retired.

If you don't see a balance listed below this text, or a balance in the right sidebar on your member profile page, you have no store credits.

Because devot:ee cannot handle split-payment purchases (e.g., part Store Credit and part Credit Card), contact us at if you plan to use your credits towards a purchase that is more than your available balance. We will give you a 1-time coupon code for the amount of the credits you have. (e.g., You have $15 in credits, but want to buy a $40 add-on - let us know and we’ll give you a 1-time $15 off coupon code)

If you would like to gift away your credits to someone (perhaps you don’t use EE anymore, but a peer does and can make use of them) email us at so we can coordinate that.

We’ve already disabled the ability to buy any more store credit or select it as return option.

If you have questions about this, or think your circumstances warrant a discussion, email us at