Sell your Commercial Add-ons on devot:ee

Devot:ee has become the most important place to get add-on information, and is also the #1 place to purchase ExpressionEngine add-ons.

What Does It Take to Sell an Add-on on devot:ee?

For your part, not much. If you can edit your own add-on pages, that means your member account is already hooked up to a developer entry. You just need to fill out a couple new fields related to selling add-ons on devot:ee in your member account area, and that will enable the new fields on each add-on's 'edit' page. To recap:

  1. Submit your add-on to devot:ee and wait for it to get approved.  We'll probably hook up your developer account to your user account during the approval process.  You can check this by visiting your add-on page while logged in and looking for an "edit" link in the left column.  If it's there then you can skip Step 2.
  2. Request that your member account be "hooked up" to edit your add-ons on devot:ee. You can email with the username and screen name of your devot:ee member account.  When you have the ability to edit your add-ons, move to Step 2.
  3. Fill out a couple new form fields in your member area: Agree to the terms for add-on sales, supply a commercial license, select the method you'd like us to use to pay you (Check/PayPal) and supply the necessary info related to that choice (email or mailing address).
  4. Update the info for those add-ons you'd like to sell. Head over to your "CrazyCool Widget Extension" to set a price, optionally require unique license key generation, and upload a file. That's it!

Everyday Add-on Sales and Activity

Devot:ee users will come to the site, search, click through numerous pages while researching, and buy your add-ons. From their member area, they can view their license numbers (if required), download the files, view past orders and licenses, and put notes on each purchase (domain name, etc). File downloads are obfuscated protected from hotlinking. By purchasing their add-ons through, these users will now have the benefit of seeing all their purchases spanning multiple developers in one place.


We offer reporting on all your add-on sales, which can be accessed from the "Sales Report" link in the developer menu at the top of every page when you're logged in.

You can optionally elect to receive an email every time one of your add-ons is sold.


We aim to keep this simple. In a nutshell, the basic terms are:

  • You keep 70% of every sale
  • Devot:ee offers a blanket 30-day return policy on add-ons sold through the site
  • You're responsible for support of your add-on (through devot:ee or any other source)
  • We pay you every month via your method of choice

You determine if your add-on is for sale or not, you set the pricing, and you take advantage of devot:ee's reach to increase your sales. If devot:ee decides to do a promotion or a sale, we eat it out of our cut - you get paid the same whether there's a sale, coupon code, or blue-light special going on. There is no exclusivity - sell your add-ons anywhere you want, but consider devot:ee the best channel for getting your commercial work to the largest number of ExpressionEngine developers.

In Conclusion

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We'd love to work with you.

Last updated October 25, 2019.