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HooKan Permissions Manager

de Beer

ExpressionEngine 2

HooKan collects all EE permissions in a single page from where they can be compared and updated without having to go to each user group in turn. HooKan works well with HooBlong, the Multiple Membership module for EE. Each module will recognize the other if installed, and will place right-nav buttons accordingly

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User Groups


ExpressionEngine 1.x

The UG Module allows admins and/or users of your site to create, manage, and join User Groups. The Module is intended to provide similar functionality to the Groups we all know and love on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.

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Entry Permissions

Brian Litzinger

ExpressionEngine 1.x

Use Entry Permissions to set more fine-grained control over what users can edit, including restricting which entries a group member is allowed to edit (entries must first be created by another admin user). So they can add ‘news’ entries, but can’t add a new ‘events’ entry, but is allowed to edit existing entries, and you can pick and choose which entries they can edit. It’s not an all or nothing setting.

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