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Directory Contents


ExpressionEngine 2

This plugin recurses a directory on the file system and displays the contents as a link tree.

Zoo Triggers

ExpressionEngine Zoo

ExpressionEngine 2

No more fiddling around and wasting time trying to get categories and archives to play nice with your Structure setup. Zoo Triggers is the add-on that fills the gap between Structure and 'categories and archives'. Within seconds you have 'category and archive' functionality on your base Structure install.

AC Categories

Alpen Consulting

ExpressionEngine 2

This plug-in allows you to access category information in various ways like breadcrumbs, trees and lists, and independent of the channel module.

GWcode CatMenu

Leon Dijk (GWcode)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

Create a dynamic multi-level category based menu. Easy to style with CSS and very flexible.

NDG Sidebar Structure

Nico De Gols

ExpressionEngine 2

An EE2 Accessory which adds the "Structure" addon tree in the control panel sidebar

First Child Redirect

Mark Croxton

ExpressionEngine 1.x

First Child Redirect is a plugin for the Structure module. It allows you to redirect to the first child page of any parent entry in a Structure tree.

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