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Expertees MailChimp v1.0.0 - $12.00

Expertees Webdevelopment

ExpressionEngine 3

Create your own custom subscription form to let visitors subscribe to your MailChimp lists. NB: It makes me sad to announce that Ties (Expertees) passed away at the 4th of October 2017. This add-on has been made available free by me, his brother (pim@expertees.nl). Support cannot be provided.

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pMailer Subscription Form


ExpressionEngine 2

A subscription form for your website to automatically populate the inputted data into your existing pMailer mailing list(s). Includes optional Smart Forms.

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Mailchimp EE

Milan Topalov

ExpressionEngine 2

Mailchimp subscribe, unsubscribe and newsletter archive

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Forum Subscribe


ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

Forum subscribe allows your forum members to subscribe to not only an ExpressionEngine Forums thread but an entire forums section.

SL MailChimp Subscribe

Stephen Lewis (Experience Internet)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

MailChimp Subscribe automatically adds new EE site members to MailChimp mailing lists.


Stephen Lewis (Experience Internet)

ExpressionEngine 2

Campaigner makes it easy to subscribe new members of your ExpressionEngine-powered website to one or more CampaignMonitor mailing lists.