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ExpressionEngine 2

This plugin splits content into a set number of sections.

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Isaac Raway (Airways)

ExpressionEngine 2

Explode splits a given string by a given separator and provides two modes for using the resulting values.

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Break Blade


ExpressionEngine 2

NOTE: This is add-on is no longer being supported and will not be updated for EE3. Fork it if you like.

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Protean Web

ExpressionEngine 2

This plugin is used to display data in lists or a table with a variable number of columns.

Page Field


ExpressionEngine 1.x

This plugin can be used to split a field into multiple pages, without having to do the multi_field pagination trick.

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Hop Inject

Hop Studios

ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 4, ExpressionEngine 5, ExpressionEngine 6

We developed Hop Inject to solve a very common but tricky problem: We wanted to place an advertisement after the 3rd paragraph on a page. But, since this is EE we're talking about, of course the 3rd paragraph was in a custom field of an entry, and it was hard to add at run time. In addition, we thought, what if we wanted to add a photo after the 4th paragraph? Or a pull quote after the 6th and 9th? What if we want to let editors add images into stories wherever they want, but they don't know HTML? (Shocking, I know.)


Oliver Heine (silenz)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

The Splitter plugin may be used to split any kind of listings into several blocks with evenly distributed items.