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SimplEE Search


ExpressionEngine 2

SimplEE Search is an easy to implement ExpressionEngine module that extends of the Channel Entries Module. Simply search multiple channels and fields while using the same parameters and variables as you normally would with exp:channel:entries.

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Lovely Sorted Add-ons

Dan Diemer

ExpressionEngine 2

Lovely Sorted Add-ons groups your Modules, Extensions, Accessories and Fieldtypes into separate Enabled and Disabled tables in the Control Panel. It also standardizes some terminology across all types of add-ons.

VZ Average

Eli Van Zoeren

ExpressionEngine 2

VZ Average is a flexible and minimal framework for rating or tallying anything in EE that you can identify with an ID: a channel entry, a comment, a Matrix row, or anything else. A few possible uses for it include: star ratings, thumbs up/down ratings, flagging comments as offensive, voting on entries, etc.



ExpressionEngine 2

Enables you to create a glossary out of channel entries.

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Simply Order for Expression Engine


ExpressionEngine 2

Simply Order is a module for Expression Engine 2 that will easily allow users to customise entry order, via Drag&Drop;.

Grid Lite

Max Lazar

ExpressionEngine 2

Grid Lite is discontinue. Because of new Grid field which is available in EE package starting from version 2.7 Grid allows you to dynamically add / delete and sort rows of data similar to a spreadsheet. Each data row can have one or more cells which are assigned to different custom fields (right now is only next fields available: Text input, Textarea, Select box, Checkbox, Dates, File. More fields coming soon!)

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Brian Litzinger

ExpressionEngine 2

Disposition adds sorting capabilities to the edit list page by altering the entry_date for each entry in the list.

Advanced Prev Next Entry

Biber Ltd. (Can Berkol)

ExpressionEngine 2

ExpressionEngine 2.x native prev-next entry functionality does not let you to filter and sort your entries in many ways; also it does not provide cycling through your entries. This plugin brings some advanced functionality and a bit more freedom to you in building "previous and next" links.

P&T List

Pixel & Tonic (Brandon Kelly)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

List-making fieldtype with sortable, editable, and deletable rows.

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Kevin Thompson

ExpressionEngine 2

Draggable gives you the ability to sort custom fields, statuses, and categories without having to update order numbers or click up and down arrows, refreshing the page each time.

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