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Tommy-Carlos Williams

ExpressionEngine 2

Expression Engine CMS integration for BugHerd. If your site is built using the Expression Engine content management system (CMS) you can now also install BugHerd on your site in minutes!

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BU Brandy

BridgingUnit (Aidann Bowley)

ExpressionEngine 2

Add a logo to sidebar/footer in your EE install. And additional HTML/CSS too. Color code your MSM sites.

CP Logo

Versa Studio

ExpressionEngine 2

Add a logo to the sidebar of the Control Panel. Acts as a replacement for Leevi Graham's LG Add Sitename.

Zoo Flexible Admin


ExpressionEngine 2

Make it easier for you and your clients to use the EE control panel. Zoo Flexible Admin lets you fully customize the control panel menu per membergroup. Insert custom links, rename, re-order and remove menu items in order to create a more intuitive menu. New features: Breadcrumbs based on the custom created menu Set Control panel startpage per membergroup Auto-collapse sidebar per membergroup

NDG Sidebar Structure

Nico De Gols

ExpressionEngine 2

An EE2 Accessory which adds the "Structure" addon tree in the control panel sidebar


Greg Salt (Purple Dogfish)

ExpressionEngine 2

An extension for ExpressionEngine 2.x that closes the CP sidebar by default for all users.

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