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Redirect Pro

Imam Husayn

ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 4, ExpressionEngine 5, ExpressionEngine 6

Redirecting the URLs in the site without use of the .htaccess file. It also provide the feature of activation according to the start date and end date for particular redirect setting and count of redirects and 301 and 302 redirection method.

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TJ Draper

ExpressionEngine 3

With flexible page routing, easy and intuitive drag and drop menus, and powerful template tags, Construct allows you to build your site your way, and still put power in the hands of the end user.

Freeform Notification Router

Milan Topalov

ExpressionEngine 2

Route Solspace Freeform notifications email messages to a specified email addresses based on submitted form field value.

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Resource Router

Rob Sanchez

ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3

Control your URLs by remapping URI routes to a specific HTTP response, using CodeIgniter-style routing rules.


Isaac Raway (Airways)

ExpressionEngine 2

Router is a regular expression based routing system for ExpressionEngine requests. It allows you to define any custom URL route you like, without needing to worry about template naming and without using large conditional checks.


Doug Avery

ExpressionEngine 2

**DISCONTINUED** Routing for ExpressionEngine - separate your URLs from your templates for smarter, cleaner code. Freebie's tougher older brother.


Rein de Vries

ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3

Take control of your URLs — define segments that you want EE to ignore completely. Use 'freebie' segments to trigger template behavior, build dynamic archives inside Structure, or just build special URLs for analytics purposes. Freebie allows you to use segments in powerful, flexible ways without the hassle of dealing with strict URL parsing (like Structure's).