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Time From Now

jbueler (jbueler)

ExpressionEngine 2

Time from now will let you add a string modifier to the current time and will return a datetime string in its place. This would be useful for performing channel entries loops with the start_on and stop_before parameters. This will let you use dynamic dates in situations where you may have had to enable PHP before.


Carlos Quijano

ExpressionEngine 2

Timee, humanized time for EE2. Timee is a tiny plugin that helps you convert a timestamp into a humanized relative time such as "5 minutes ago", "one hour ago" and so on. It's very similar to channel entries {relative_date} variable but lets you specify your own timestamp.

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CC Time Difference

Jeremy Worboys

ExpressionEngine 2

Compare the difference between two times and conditionally display content based on years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or even seconds.

Nice Time

Pv Ledoux

ExpressionEngine 2

This plugin converts a date in relative time. It will output 'now' if the date given is less then 5 seconds ago, 'xx unit ago' will be outputted for longer intervals (where unit will be seconds, minutes, hours, days or weeks). If the date is greater than 4 weeks, it will return the full date formatted with the parameter format.

WB Relative Date

Wes Baker

ExpressionEngine 2

Given a timestamp, this plugin will return a relative date (e.g. about 2 days ago).