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Store Product Modifiers Range

Jason Varga

ExpressionEngine 2

Show the actual price range of an Exp:resso Store product based off its modifiers.

JVL Currency

Jan Van Lysebettens

ExpressionEngine 2

A simple fieldtype that makes it easy to add a currency to a field, for example, to add a "price" to a channel entry.

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Price Format

Steve Abraham

ExpressionEngine 2

Formats a supplied price (decimal places, thousands separator, decimal point separator) and adds or displays tax amount (percentage supplied as an optional parameter).

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Products

Hop Studios

ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 4, ExpressionEngine 5

Search the entire Amazon product catalog by keyword, or link to a particular item, and display in your page with live updating prices, images and product details. Tie items to your affiliate account and get paid for your links to Amazon.

MT Share Price

Milan Topalov

ExpressionEngine 1.x

Fetches share/stock price from Yahoo finance

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