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Expertees Twitter

Expertees Webdevelopment

ExpressionEngine 3

This module is a EE 3 version of the Twitter module from Click Rain.

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Dan Herd

ExpressionEngine 2

An ExpressionEngine wrapper for the Codebird PHP Twitter library.

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Latest Tweets

Andrew Biggart (Peppermint Soda)

ExpressionEngine 2

Twitters API v1.0 has now been retired. This plugin allows you to pull your latest tweets from Twitter using PHP and OAuth.

CE Tweet 1.3.8 - $22.00

Causing Effect (Aaron Waldon)

ExpressionEngine 2

CE Tweet enables you to display and consume Twitter in your ExpressionEngine templates

TGL Twitter

Bryant Hughes (The Good Lab)

ExpressionEngine 2

A port of the EllisLabs Twitter Timeline plugin into a module, to allow for oAuth authentication.

Socialee for EE1.6+

Shotwell Company

ExpressionEngine 1.x

Grow your member base and make your site socially compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn and more. Socialee is a module that integrates social media technology with ExpressionEngine.

Socialee - $129.95

Shotwell Company

ExpressionEngine 2

Accept registrations via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn and more. Socially publish custom comments, entries, or any page to users' status updates. Fill out profiles automatically with Facebook Connect.