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Loren Klingman

ExpressionEngine 2

This addon interfaces with the constant contact API to allow website visitors to sign up for your newsletters by entering their email address and selecting the lists that they wish to sign up for. It does not interface with current users in your EE memberbase.

Interspire Email Marketer Subscriber

Laurence Cope

ExpressionEngine 2

The Interspire Email Marketer Subscriber plugin allows you to easily add user data, including custom fields, to an IEM contact list from an ExpressionEngine template.

pMailer Message Archive


ExpressionEngine 2

Display deployed pMailer email newsletters on your ExpressionEngine website

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Benjamin David

ExpressionEngine 2

Chimper lets you manage, write, program and publish your mailing campaign directly from ExpressionEngine. You can also manage the members of your mailing lists within seconds.

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Multiple Newsletters

Cocoaholic (Elwin Zuiderveld)

ExpressionEngine 1.x

Create multiple newsletters based on existing templates.

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