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NavEE 3.1.19 - $50.00

The Outfit

ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 4

Simple Navigation, Made Simple. Build any kind of navigation you like, without limitation. Rewritten from the ground up for ExpressionEngine 3+.

Structure Nav

Rob Sanchez

ExpressionEngine 2

ExpressionEngine plugin for making custom Structure navigation using a tag pair.

Hash Browns

Curtis Blackwell

ExpressionEngine 2

Hash Browns: easy AJAX navigation

Structure Navigation Title

Brian Litzinger (Bold Minded)

ExpressionEngine 2

Structure Navigation Title creates a global variable to use as the channel:title parameter in your {exp:structure:nav} tag.

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Module Nav

Pixel & Tonic (Brandon Kelly)

ExpressionEngine 2

Module Nav is an EE2 accessory that makes two changes to EE2’s top navigation: * Replaces the “Add-Ons” menu with a new “Modules” menu, populated with links to your modules’ CP backends * Moves the old “Add-Ons” menu into the “Admin” menu, under “Add-on Administration”

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Tom Jaeger (EE Harbor)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 4

Structure is a powerful add-on that lets you create pages, generate navigation, manage content through a simple interface and build robust sites faster than ever. It forgoes the current template_group/template setup and creates “static” and “listing” pages that are all editable through a tree sitemap view. Now, traditional page style content and multiple entry pages can live within the same area. Your clients & authors will rejoice.