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Publisher Low Search

Brian Litzinger (Bold Minded)

ExpressionEngine 2

Publisher Low Search is an extension that adds support for the Low Search module to Publisher. It is a plug and play extension that does not require any configuration. Simply install it then re-index your collections and forget it.

Publisher Language Control

Brian Litzinger (Bold Minded)

ExpressionEngine 2

Language Control is a companion extension to the Publisher module. Multi-lingual or multi-regional websites often have different groups of content editors responsible for managing their own content. All settings are site specific, so it works great with the ExpressionEngine MSM module.

ProForm: Publisher

Isaac Raway (Airways)

ExpressionEngine 2

ProForm: Publisher is a simple extension to add support for multiple languages to ProForm through the multilingual Publisher add-on.

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Brian Litzinger (Bold Minded)

ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3

Publisher is the only multilingual and workflow module for ExpressionEngine.

Multi Language Country List 1.0.2 - $6.00


ExpressionEngine 2

Multi Language Country List is a plugin that lets you output a list of countries in the language you choose. It comes with 7 predefined languages (default, english, french, german, italian, russian, spanish) and you can easily add your own. You can use it as a select drop-down, unordered list, just display one country or anything else you'd like.

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Google Translate

Benjamin David

ExpressionEngine 2

Google Translate is an ExpressionEngine 2 accessory that lets your translate your texts right from the control panel. This add-on is using Google Translate engine and let's you translate any text in more than 100 languages.

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Multi Language Module

PutYourLightsOn (Ben Croker)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

The Multi Language Module is an Expression Engine add-on that allows you to create phrases in multiple languages, which you can then display in your site templates and call from other add-ons. It comes with 3 languages by default (English, Spanish, Italian) but you can add and delete languages as you please.

Browser Sniff 2.4 - $12.00


ExpressionEngine 2

Allows to get information about the browser, mobile device, or robot visiting your site.