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Smart Compress


ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 4, ExpressionEngine 5, ExpressionEngine 6

Smart compress module is a user friendly module that allows a user to compress and format CSS and JS files. It allows all css ( .css, .less and .scss ) and js files for format.

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Mark Croxton

ExpressionEngine 2

CSS Crush is an extensible PHP based CSS preprocessor that aims to alleviate many of the hacks and workarounds necessary in modern CSS development. This plugin is a wrapper for CSS Crush that allows you to use it in ExpressionEngine templates.

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Steve Callan

ExpressionEngine 2

Merges multiple local CSS or Javascript files into single files to limit the number of HTTP requests.

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NSM Minify

Leevi Graham (Newism)

ExpressionEngine 2

Minify JS & CSS.

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