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Social Userdata Sync: LinkedIn

Yuri Salimovskiy (IntoEEtive)

ExpressionEngine 2

Enable users of your site to fill in their profile with their LinkedIn data in one click.

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New Feature: Custom Member Profile URLs

August 12, 2009 by Ryan Masuga

Devot:ee now has a custom member profile URL feature. You can now optionally select what your profile URL is, which provides a little more personality, and it was fun to implement, besides.

LG Member Form Customiser

Leevi Graham (Newism)

ExpressionEngine 1.x

Important: This addon is no longer supported. Legacy versions available at http://ee-garage.com/ee1

This extension optionally removes the default fields from the member profile form such as ‘Occupation’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Yahoo IM’ etc from the ExpressionEngine CP member profile form.

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