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Team Manager

UAC Studios

ExpressionEngine 2

Team Manager is a sports team management module. Install this in your ExpressionEngine system and it will allow you to manage your team, your players, your staff, leagues, cups and friendly fixtures.

CG FileInfo

Conflux Group, Inc. (Jeremy Gimbel)

ExpressionEngine 2

CG FileInfo is a plugin which gives you direct access to the native File Manager's image sizes and metadata when using a file field. Just pass your file field to the plugin and you'll be able to get all of your specified image sizes without using the File Module.


Nicolas Bottari

ExpressionEngine 2

Zenbu is a powerful and customizable entry list manager and replacement to EE's "Edit Channel Entries" section which enables you to see more entry data, such as categories, last author, data stored in custom fields, and much more. Zenbu also has many entry searching and filtering options.

Zoo Flexible Admin


ExpressionEngine 2

Make it easier for you and your clients to use the EE control panel. Zoo Flexible Admin lets you fully customize the control panel menu per membergroup. Insert custom links, rename, re-order and remove menu items in order to create a more intuitive menu. New features: Breadcrumbs based on the custom created menu Set Control panel startpage per membergroup Auto-collapse sidebar per membergroup

Category Image Manager


ExpressionEngine 2

Call Native File Manager when editing category on Publish Page



ExpressionEngine 2

Adds file browser to category image field when editing categories on the publish page.

SJ File Manager Field

Samuel Jonasson

ExpressionEngine 1.x

A file field that uses a flash filemanager for file management and selection

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PutYourLightsOn (Ben Croker)

ExpressionEngine 2

FireMail improves the way you send emails from your control panel. It is both an email manager and tracker in one.

Template Management with Images

Cocoaholic (Elwin Zuiderveld)

ExpressionEngine 1.x

Adds features to the Template Mangement section.

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MX MCImageManager

Max Lazar

ExpressionEngine 1.x

MX MCImageManager Fieldframe field Integrates Moxicodes MCImageManager into ExpressionEngine as a standalone. It can be used in a Fieldframe Matrix and has support for Session Authenticator for MCImageManager.

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