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Live View


ExpressionEngine 2

Live view adds one or more iframes to the view entry screen so you can easily display templates that use the submitted channel data on different screen sizes. Optionally you can include a qr-code to quickly test on mobile devices.

True Preview


ExpressionEngine 2

True Preview allows you to preview the entry being edited inside Preview tab on Edit/Publish form or by clicking Preview link above Edit/Publish form. This add-on also cancels default lame View Entry page, so that after clicking Submit button Edit/Publish form will be displayed again.

Better Workflow

Electric Putty

ExpressionEngine 2

With in-line previews, draft versions and a real approval process, Better Workflow is a 'must have' add-on for anyone who takes their content seriously.

Entry Crumblink


ExpressionEngine 1.x

The purpose of this extension is to display a breadcrumb link on Edit page leading to the entry being edited. The concept of this extension is similar to that of Edit Tab URLs extension which forms URLs for "View" links in Edit section of Control Panel. This add-on will not be converted to EE2. In EE2 use True Preview add-on which has the same functionality and more.

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