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Taylor Daughtry

ExpressionEngine 2

Makes working with YouTube links and embed parameters a bit more consistent. Generates responsive iframes and clean URLs with requested parameters.

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Remove Image Tags

Joshua McLemore

ExpressionEngine 2

Remove or strip out image tags as well as iFrame and video (html5) tags. This plugin is a modification of the "Remove HTML" plugin. I didn't need to remove all the tags but just these three for use with Postmaster. But this can be used to remove just these tags.

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URL Tube

Mark Spurlock

ExpressionEngine 2

Using just the URL from a YouTube or Vimeo video, this plugin can create video embeds and thumbnails, of whatever size you like, for use in your templates.

Wyvern Video

Brian Litzinger

ExpressionEngine 6

Wyvern Video is no longer for sale. It has been upgraded for EE 6 and renamed to Reel. You can get it at boldminded.com.

URL Viewer


ExpressionEngine 2

An ExpressionEngine 2 module that lets you display templates as well as external URL's in an iFrame.


Oliver Heine (silenz)

ExpressionEngine 1.x

The purpose of the Framed module is to embed arbitrary external websites into the Control Panel for easy, centralized access. This is done using iframes and a simple interface to store your bookmarks.

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