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Location Mapper


ExpressionEngine 2

Location proximity search and result mapping using Google maps.

Google Latlng Lookup

No Two The Same

ExpressionEngine 2

Geocode look up of Latitude and Longitude using Googles Geocode service for the CP. The fieldtype has 3 fields: one is editable for the address and the other two show the returned co-ordinates. All three fields or the combined co-ordinate is available. There's also a little map preview of the returned co-ordinates so the user can check if Google has found the right place!


Christopher Imrie

ExpressionEngine 2

Provides an ExpressionEngine 2 publish form text field that is geocoded (converted to Latitude and Longitude) for use in Google Maps.

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MX Google Maps for ExpressionEngine

Max Lazar

ExpressionEngine 2

MX Google Map fieldtype provides a field for include Google Maps into entries with "store locator" functionality