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Encaf Structure First

Chad Crowell (Encaffeinated)

ExpressionEngine 2

Add a Structure tab to the CP Main Menu in the first position (to the right of the home icon) for members who have permission to access the Structure module.

Zoo Zeebra

ExpressionEngine Zoo

ExpressionEngine 2

Zoo Zeebra is a very simple plugin that adds first and last classes to your lists/entries. It also adds classes for certain intervals (default 2, for odd and even rows).

Limited Time

Nate Snitzer (Spagina)

ExpressionEngine 2

An ExpressionEngine module that lets you present content to a user according to their first login time or join time.

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Crucial Web Hosting

ExpressionEngine 1.x

This plugin will take a block of text and only return the first line (e.g. everything before a newline/return). It's useful for showing summaries/excerpts from blog entries or on an ExpressionEngine search result pages where you don't have an excerpt/summary field already setup. HTML is not stripped out either.

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