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Channel Variables


ExpressionEngine 2

The Channel Variables Extension allow you to run Snippets, Global Variables and user defined Global Variables from within channel entries.

HTML5 Fields

Toby Evans

ExpressionEngine 2

This fieldtype adds html5 input types: text, url, email, number, tel and range; as well as the applicable attributes: placeholder, pattern, min/max/step, multiple, required, etc. Now free. Forever.

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Brad Morse

ExpressionEngine 2

If you have a set number of spots on your page that needs to be filled but your channel doesn't have enough entries to output, this will let you fill the rest.

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AB Member Categories 1.0.5 - $29.00

Bjorn Borresen

ExpressionEngine 2

AB Member Categories lets you link custom member fields to category groups.

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Zoo Visitor


ExpressionEngine 2

Note: the EE3 version of this add-on is now called "Visitor" and is available here: https://eeharbor.com/visitor Total Member freedom, from forms to fields! Zoo Visitor gives you total control over your site members, allowing you to use any fieldtype to define their profile. The days of struggling with member registration, profile updates are over! Visitor comes with registration, update profile, logout, forgot password and login forms. An AJAX login form example is also included. It will be as pleasant as a visit to the Zoo.

Page Type Switcher 1.2 - $15.00


ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

A dropdown fieldtype displaying list of page types; selecting different page type shows/hides relevant fields. Compatible with SAEF (EE1.x) and Safecracker (EE2 plus).

Super Globals Lite

Brian Litzinger

ExpressionEngine 2

Super Globals has been discontinued. Low Variables has far surpassed Super Globals in functionality (though I was never trying to directly compete). I had an itch and Super Globals scratched it for awhile, but lately sales have been low and I myself prefer Low Variables over Super Globals. If you're looking for the {get:x} and {post:x} functionality I suggest that you try Mo' Variables, it does the same thing and its free.

Field Builder

Adam Wiggall

ExpressionEngine 2

Returns form fields and labels based on Matrix entries.

NSM Better Meta

Leevi Graham (Newism)

ExpressionEngine 2

Full Documentation available on EE-Garage →

NSM Better Meta is an ExpressionEngine extension that allows you to optimise your entry meta without setting up tedious custom fields and complicated templates. Easy to use, and fully documented it's a must have ExpressionEngine addon.

Switchboard 2.2 - $15.00

Vaya Design

ExpressionEngine 2

Switchboard is a live search engine for your control panel. It includes results for your entries, addons, fields, templates and lots more.

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