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ExpressionEngine 2

This plugin can be wrapped around a URL or custom field with a URL to redirect a page.

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Isaac Raway (Airways)

ExpressionEngine 2

Router is a regular expression based routing system for ExpressionEngine requests. It allows you to define any custom URL route you like, without needing to worry about template naming and without using large conditional checks.


Derek Hogue (Amphibian Design)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

Deviant allows you to control, globally or on a per-channel basis, where authors land after publishing, updating or deleting entries in the EE control panel. An essential extension for every EE install.

SC Publish Redirect

Andrew Gunstone

ExpressionEngine 2

Publish Redirect is an ExpressionEngine 2.x extension which allows you to redirect a user to a specific page after updating or adding an entry. By default the extension will redirect the user back to the current entry edit screen and display a message.