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Low Search Relationships


ExpressionEngine 2

Simple Extension that adds entry Relationship titles to the search index ready for low search to search with. You will need to rebuild your low search indexes.

CRZ Keyboard Shortcuts

Chris Ruzin

ExpressionEngine 2

Allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for the EE2 control panel.

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Olivier Bon

ExpressionEngine 2

An ExpressionEngine plugin to bring your dribbble shots back home...

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Phil Sturgeon

ExpressionEngine 2

Integrate RESTful API's into your ExpressionEngine 2.0 website with this Rest module. You can list Tweets, search for Digg articles, show off Flickr photographs, search YouTube for videos and interact with any open RESTful API.

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Are Your ExpressionEngine Add-Ons Ready For 2.0?

November 5, 2009 by Ryan Masuga

Devot:ee is prepared to keep the ExpressionEngine community informed about 3rd party add-ons that are ready for EE 2.0. Have you ported your add-ons to ExpressionEngine 2.0? Let devot:ee (and the entire EE community) know!

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