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Disqus SSO

Dennis Wyman

ExpressionEngine 2

A plugin that passes the data of the currently logged-in EE user to Disqus' SSO (single sign-on) service.

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Export It

mithra62 (Eric Lamb)

ExpressionEngine 2

Yes, you can FINALLY export channel entries and comments as Excel with Export It! In fact, you can do a whole lot more than that with the CP Export Panel and the complete REST API. Build iPhone and Blackberry Apps. Integrate EE with your systems and create a complete experience.

CX Disqus Comments


ExpressionEngine 2

CX Disqus Comments allows you to easily add Disqus comments to your ExpressionEngine website. It also features two way comment sync - export your existing comments to Disqus with a single click, and automatically sync new Discus comments back to the ExpressionEngine database for SEO and backup purposes.


Marc Tanis (BlendIMC)

ExpressionEngine 2

Integrate Disqus Commenting System with your Expressionengine install. Sync comments from Disqus into EE and output them with simple to use tags.