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Category Leaves and Breadcrumbs

The Luxury Brand Agency LLC

ExpressionEngine 2

Create category breadcrumbs from a group and list entries

Breadcrumbs from URL lite (free version)

Nicholas Cheek

ExpressionEngine 2

This is a lite version of breadcrumbs from URL. Takes your current URL, excluding your domain, and places a breadcrumb trail for your users to follow.

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Breadcrumbs From URL 1.0.1 - $6.00

Nicholas Cheek

ExpressionEngine 2

Allows you to create a breadcrumb link trail from the URL you're on without utilizing the control panel for fast implementation. It's as simple as adding the {exp:breadcrumb:url} tag.You're able to create breadcrumbs with simplicity and style them to your site.

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Crumb Brulee

Masuga Design

ExpressionEngine 2

Crumb Brulee is an easy to use solution to manage your breadcrumbs. Install the module, set up your look, and add the template tag. Your breadcrumbs are highly customizable via a number of parameters ensuring this is simply the best, most flexible breadcrumb add-on for ExpressionEngine.

GWcode Categories

Leon Dijk (GWcode)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

List all, last child categories, or categories of a certain (minimum, maximum, fixed) depth, for one or more channels, for one or more category groups, for an entry or overall. Get child categories, or parent categories. Show entry count, custom category fields. And more.