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Crumb Brulee

Masuga Design

ExpressionEngine 2

Crumb Brulee is an easy to use solution to manage your breadcrumbs. Install the module, set up your look, and add the template tag. Your breadcrumbs are highly customizable via a number of parameters ensuring this is simply the best, most flexible breadcrumb add-on for ExpressionEngine.

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Matt Toigo

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

Crumbum is an Expressione Engine 2 and 1 plugin that automatically generates breadcrumbs in your templates based on the URL structure of entries managed by the Expression Engine Pages Module.

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Jb Breadcrumb

Joel Bradbury

ExpressionEngine 1.x

Breadcrumbs can be a pain. They need to consistent across the entire of a site, but in many cases you simply don’t have all the same data, all the time.

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