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The vacuum cleaner has become indispensable equip in any house due to its replacement of both broom and mop. It saves time, and it performs very well to clean every niche in our house. Though you might have used it for a long time, you might not have been sure whether you’ve been using used it right or not, for the way you use any appliance is the most important factor that affects its age, productivity, and energy cost.

Nowadays, the improvement of technology allows us to do more with the vacuum cleaner than ever before. To correctly operate a vacuum cleaner and get the most out of it, here are some top tips for you to apply in your daily household chores:

1) Work horizontally

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It’s obvious that you can take the vacuum cleaner wherever it is dirty or dusty, whether following a horizontal route or a circular one. However, if you want your house’s floor to be cleaner and have all corners covered, you should work horizontally, starting from one corner of the house to another corner for a couple of times. This way helps you to avoid going over one spot over and over.

2) Check the bag

It seems like this is might be an obvious tip, but many people overlook this, as they assume that their vacuum cleaner has strong suction power. Regardless of its ability, every bag has a limited capacity. If the bag is full, even half-full, or holey or worn down, the vacuum cleaner’s performance will flag, leading to unexceptional results. Check the bag regularly, and better yet, every time you use it. Replace it with a new one if it is too old.

3) Use the attachments correctly

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The vacuum cleaner has different attachment heads, and it’s very important to learn when to which. The instruction manual should explain everything that is specific to a single model of vacuum cleaner. If you forget how to use these cleaning aids, just read it again thoroughly. It doesn’t waste your time but saves your time, as all dirt and dust will be removed easily with the suitable attachment head.

4) Avoid the large debris

Many people just vacuum everything into the bag without taking note of what it includes, not taking into account whether they are damaging their cleaner or not. One of the killers of your vacuum cleaner is large debris. It possibly gets the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner stuck and the motor damaged. Don’t vacuum all of the debris at one time; first pick up or sweep away the big objects, and then vacuum the rest, lest you have to buy a new High Priced Vacuum Cleaners

As you know, vacuum cleaners nowadays are manufactured with various models, sizes, colors, and functions. It’s not easy to choose the right one for your own needs. You may need some references before bringing one home. Go to, where you can find the best vacuum cleaners on the market today on the Amazon products list, their best of products, and Amazon customer reviews. This is the reliable source of reference for people around the world, and it will be yours too. And don’t forget to apply these useful tips when cleaning house with your vacuum cleaner.



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