Where It’s At: The State of Devot:ee

March 6, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

Because you’re tired of devot:ee being a Twitter-tease, we decided to add to your Friday afternoon procrastination fest and lay out some more details for you in lieu of launching the site.

We "tweeted earlier this week": about how excited we were to see the site coming along, particularly because we're still finding add-ons that aren't in the library (just added another this morning that was sort of buried in the ExpressionEngine forums). You'd think people, as patient as they are, would be happy to hear anything at all from the devot:ee camp, but no! That tweet brought responses like these: bq.. "You're such a tease" - "circa1977": "You're teasing us again...! :)" - "angstmann": "stop the torture and launch already..." - " == _iain_ == ": p. Well, it's Friday afternoon and you've already read everything else from your RSS feeds, and we've got more than 140 characters to share, so here's this week's scoop: h3. Extra Eyes and Ears I'm control-freaky and have trouble delegating, but this week I brought someone on board to help with the add-on library and other content areas. I'm spending my time on template functionality, and if I'm doing that, I can't massage all the content the way it needs to be massaged. This has sped things up considerably, and as a bonus they've come up with some great suggestions for new content and different areas that devot:ee should have. These suggestions probably won't make the initial launch, but they're logged in the devot:ee Basecamp project and will certainly be incorporated down the line. We always have to think about getting bigger and better. What's the help think so far? bq. "I keep saying to myself two things: 1) Whoa! that's a cool add on. 2) I can't wait for this to launch! It's already my new favorite website." I sincerely hope that if you are an ExpressionEngine user that uses add-ons (and I know _all_ of you are...) that this will be one of your favorite sites too. h3. The Design is Just Fine "Unit Interactive": has been doing a great job with the design. They had a lot of templates to consider, and are also responsible for the initial CSS/HTML and jQuery. They're plugging away, we're plugging away, everything is going fine. h3. Let There Be Giveaways When devot:ee launches, we'll look to give away some "door prizes" that should be nothing to sneeze at. We're still trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Stay tuned for more details on this. h3. Sponsor this Ship Judging by the number of you that have signed up to be notified about devot:ee's launch, and the current amount of traffic, it's reasonable to say that this site can expect a respectable amount of -visitors- users. There will be a limited amount of advertising on the site (the boat must float somehow), and we're also looking at offering sponsorships. The way they're designed, sponsors are listed 24/7 on every page. If you might be interested in a sponsorship, please contact so we can cover details, or if you need more information. h3. ExpressionEngine Add-On Central This week I saw a thread in the ExpressionEngine forums called "All known modules, extensions, & plugins": and had to "respond": I may have come across as a little exasperated, but sometimes I forget that people can't read my mind. *As I stated in that thread, one of the largest, most important goals for devot:ee is to be _the_ site you think of when you need info about ExpressionEngine add-ons.* We have 330 add-ons cataloged right now. When I say "cataloged", I don't mean a simple list, either. We've done a decent job to make the add-on area interactive and _usable_. We'll make it easy for you to alert us to any add-on that is missing by using "SAEF(Stand Alone Entry Form)s": for content submission. There's more, but we won't bore you with details. Yet. h3. Final Friday Thoughts I really wanted to make it to SXSW this year to meet all the people I've gotten to know online (via Twitter, this site or the EE Forums) over the course of the year, but my wife and I had our first child, "Kate":, a month ago and it just doesn't make sense to go geek out at a convention when I could be hanging with her at this early age. So, that means more time to polish devot:ee from the home office. Also, regarding the RSS Feed - it's been pared back to one simple feed. No more offering two different "kinds" of feed (ATOM vs RSS 2.0.). I asked some friendly people about this and no one seems to care one way or the other. So, because the feed only contains a short and simple summary, I went with RSS 2.0 and that's that. I've got the feed working through FeedBurner (and making it look like an address on this site by using a CNAME trick documented on FeedBurner's site). The final address of the feed is: "": Hope you all had a great week, and that wherever you are, it's at _least_ 60 degrees outside. Have an awesome weekend.


Mark 03.06.09

That’s great news, Ryan. Thanks for the details.


Chad Crowell 03.06.09

If you ask me, this does nothing to dissuade the internets from thinking of you as a tease.

Chad 03.06.09

I’m sure it will be worth the wait. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the launch of Devot-ee!

Ryan Masuga 03.06.09

Ryan Masuga

Chad Crowell: You, sir, are correct. However, I am still banning you from the site.

Kenny Meyers 03.06.09

Hey Ryan,

Why not launch the site? If you’re finding obscure add-ons then surely that means you’ve got enough content to publish, right? What are the stoppers? I’m curious from a process perspective, not an antsy perspective.



Chris Clarke 03.06.09

Very much looking forward to that big switch being thrown. Thanks for doing this, Mark.

Ryan Masuga 03.06.09

Ryan Masuga

Kenny: I can’t launch the whole thing (obviously Articles and News are up and running…) for a few (big) reasons.

  1. The templates aren’t done. At all. That’s what Unit is working on from a design perspective, and I’m working on from the EE side. Like, the dev site is completely black and white, with some shades of grey in there to designate different areas – like a big wireframe. It is a big wireframe. I ain’t flippin’ no switch on a site that looks like that. I’m not spending time hunting down any new addons – I just happen to come across some as I’m searching the forums for answers to functionality I’m trying to achieve.
  1. Functionality is not complete. I have to do full testing (use cases, I guess you’d say) for entire processes from email notifications, to registration, to all the funky AJAX functionality going on. A lot of stuff works – but it simply isn’t done.

I’m just a solo dude with a successful web development business who has a 1-month old kid and who recently enlisted some more help with the content. If it weren’t for client work (and thank goodness for client work), I’d have many more hours a week to devote to this whole thing.

Also: The new site won’t look anything like what you see here.

Chris Clarke: Thanks for doing this Mark? Who’s Mark? It’s Ryan here…

Chris Clarke 03.06.09

Sigh. And I knew that, too. Unexplainable brainfart? Sorry, Ryan.

Richard Angstmann 03.08.09

I knew I’d get my name up in lights one day! :)

Thanks for the post Ryan, its great to hear about how things are progressing, firstly as I’m really excited about the add-ons repository, but also its great to see some of the processes involved in developing and eventually launching a site that will have a lot of content.


Matthew Pennell 03.09.09

Glad to hear it’s all coming together, albeit slowly. Shame you’re not going to be at SXSW.

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