New Feature: Use Store Credit for Your devot:ee Purchases

September 27, 2011
by Ryan Masuga

Our newest feature is the ability to pay for orders with store credit. This makes getting the add-ons you need even easier, and the more you purchase the more you save.

We recently added the ability to make purchases using Store Credit. We developed this because we had a request from a user who needed to secure funds for their project(s) and had to show a receipt - but they had no idea exactly how many add-ons they would need. They asked us if they could purchase a few thousand dollars worth of store credit. There was no method in place to do this so we thought we'd add this optional payment method for the benefit of everyone.

Store Credit GatewayThe Store Credit gateway is available during checkout if you have purchased store credit.

How might this benefit you? For example, agencies can create one account, purchase a number of credits at one time, and give access to their developers, saving the hassle of having to share a credit card number or know PayPal account information. As an added bonus, if you purchase pre-set amounts of credit your development dollars go further - up to an extra 4%. It's also beneficial on our end. For us, store credit means fewer overall transaction fees, and much less time spent processing order-related things like returns (which, fortunately, are not a very frequent occurrence). We're using DevDemon's Credits module which works directly with CartThrob using a Credits gateway. Your credit balance will show on your member page, and on the Store Credit page. You can use credit like you would any other payment method. Simply select "Store Credit" on the checkout page rather than Credit Card or PayPal. There is now a link to Store Credit under the Extras menu item, and also in the footer. To purchase store credit, head over to the Store Credit page.


Brad Morse 10.11.11

Brad Morse

Great feature! Possible to add e-gift cards, like a virtual beer, to give thanks for a fellow EE guy helping out another

Jacob Russell 10.11.11

Jacob Russell

Brad - It’s not now, but definitely something we’d like to add in the future.

EEuser1 11.26.11

So you need to purchase store credits to start earning credits? Why credits dont grow when you just buy? Or is there min limit for earnings?

i mean if i need to use over $2.5k just to earn $50 is….beyond my understanding.

Ryan Masuga 11.26.11

Ryan Masuga

This feature is more or less for dev shops who might already spend a lot of money on add-ons, or have numerous people from their shop buying things on different accounts.

You don’t earn credits at all…you simply purchase them for later use. We give you a little extra buying power if you buy a big chunk, but that’s not the main selling point of this at all.

You might not see the value in buying large amounts (or any amount) if you’re a solo dev, but some larger shops and agencies might make better use of it.

Also, in the near future returns might be for store credit by default, unless explicitly requested otherwise.

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