Updated Payout Info Fields for Developers

September 16, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

We’ve added new fields for check and wire transfer payout info that developers should fill out immediately.

Attention Developers!

We've added a few new fields asking for clearer details regarding payout information. All developers should review these fields and fill them in for us so we can make sure payouts are going to the right place and the right person. Nothing has changed if you're taking your payouts via PayPal, but please review your information anyway, to make sure what we have on file is up-to-date.

Developers, go to edit your profile (top link on the right of your main member account page) and look at the Commercial Add-on Sales section. The new fields are based on the selection made in the Preferred Payment Method dropdown field.


No change. There is one field for you to supply your PayPal email address. You might want to take a second to double check and make sure this address is current.


There is a new field for "Check Recipient." The original field there was supposed to be for your name and address, but apparently the fact we wanted a name there flew over everyone's head, so we now have two specific fields for the recipient and the mailing address. The name should be exactly what you want to appear on the check, and the address should be exactly where we're sending the payment.

Wire Transfer

There are two things to note here: a new price and two new fields. Wire transfers are now a fee of $50USD. The two new fields are "Wire Transfer Frequency" and "Special Instructions." Frequency of wire transfers is Monthly, Bi-Monthly (every two months) and Quarterly. The special instructions are for anything we might need to know to make wire transfers go through smoothly. Do we need to put a special note on the transfer? Is there a specific name we need to use? Put anything we need to know in this field.

Note that the wire transfers are subject to the $100 minimum payout like any other payout. The $100 minimum was outlined in a news post earlier this year. If you are on a quarterly wire transfer payout and haven't met the $100 minimum, you won't get paid until at least the next quarterly payout - whatever cycle you're on is the cycle we on which we will payout.


If you have any questions about these new fields or how payouts work, email us.

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