This Week in devot:ee #36 - September 20, 2012

September 20, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

We were busy this week: we added consolidated downloads on multi-item purchases, devot:ee Monitor upgraded to 1.2.0, a new reference page for ExpressionEngine configuration variables, and developer email notifications for ratings and reviews.

Recently Rolled Out

All purchased items in one .zip file

We recently added the ability to download all your order items in a single .zip file after you've completed a purchase on orders that have more than one item. The zip file will have all of the add-ons you purchased, and be named like "" You can still download the individual items below this new single-zip download link.

devot:ee Monitor updated to 1.2.0

This week we updated devot:ee Monitor to 1.2.0. This release saw a number of tweaks, including:

  • Small updates to the overall design.
  • Added ability to hide add-ons from the list
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the list would cause the browser's scroll position to jump to the top.
  • Added "check now" link to the top of the accessory.
  • Workaround for pulling add-on information while viewing plugins page. Issue #44
  • Modify outgoing links to use masked_url()
  • New ignored_addons array that is able to be updated per install with the devotee_monitor_ignored_addons config variable.
  • Add support for URL_THIRD_THEMES constant and hidden config variable

We've been hard at work getting the number of remaining add-ons that need package names down from 600+ to around 119. Some of these are themes and other odds and ends that we'll continue to clean up or have the Monitor igore altogether with the next release. At any rate, you should see a lot less "not found" messages in your Monitor install, and if those Not Founds are driving you crazy, you can just hide them!

New ExpressionEngine Configuration Variables reference page

We added a new page called ExpressionEngine Configuration Variables that aims to be a solid resource for all the known ones, and any tips or tricks around manipulating these in your config.php file. I personally got tired of hunting around for this information in the ExpressionEngine documentation where it is easier to find information about the hidden configuration variables than it is the standard ones. I hope this page can be of use to EE developers. It is a work in progress, so if you have any tips or tricks around debugging, localization, paths, URLs, or protocols, please share with us by emailing

Developer email notifications for ratings and reviews

This was an old feature request that we finally got around to: an opt-in email notification for a developer to know when someone reviews or rates their add-ons. There is now an option for developers to enable these email notifications from their member page, where all other email notification settings are made. The notification emails contain links to the reviewer's/rater's public profile and the add-on page. For reviews, the add-on page link takes you straight to the reviews section. We hope developers find this useful in knowing when someone has something to say about their add-ons.

New Add-ons This Week

  • Parsemail by KeesTM
    Use embeds, conditionals and EE tags in your email templates, just like any other page. Supports Email Notification Templates.
  • Easy PW Change by EpicVoyage
    Make password changes easy for users with limited Control Panel access.
  • Yahoo Weather ($) by 25hweb
    This plugin allows you to display current weather conditions, and forecast for the next day in a particular city. The weather conditions are provided using the weather information from Yahoo Weather. It's possible to use custom icons.
  • Lock Entry ($) by Denver
    Ever changed one entry at the same time with another editor? No worries, this Lock Entry add-on will help you! It will lock an entry as soon as an editor starts editing this entry, and every other editor will be warned about the entry lock. Never overwrite each others entries again!

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