This Week in devot:ee #39 - October 18, 2012

October 18, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week I report on the great time that was had at EECI in Texas, and add a few notes about updates to the orders area.

EECI 2012, Horseshoe Bay, Texas

I'm tapping out this week's article on my iPad many thousands of feet in the air on my way back to Michigan from yet another great EECI experience. This year's conference was as good as any I've been to in the past. I saw many old friends that I've seen at previous conferences, many people that I had only ever known online such as Anna Brown (aka @mediagirl) who, at her first EECI won the distinction of being Master of EECI by winning the trivia game. I was also introduced to people I had never met before. I enjoyed seeing all of you.

The Horseshoe Bay Resort was gorgeous and the main conference room itself was a great place for speakers to share their knowledge with newcomers and old friends alike. And what about that brisket for lunch on day two?

This EECI was special for me because I was humbly floored by the number of references to devot:ee throughout the talks and in conversations in the halls, at dinners, at the bar, and by the pool. Every last one of the 80 or so t-shirts we brought were snatched up in the matter of a few minutes. This is a sincere "thank you" to all of the developers and EE users that utilize devot:ee day in and day out.

I admit that I came to this EECI with a bit of trepidation based on some of the less than positive vibes that have surrounded the #eecms hashtag and pervaded recent conversations I've had with other ExpressionEngine developers about the state of EE and its parent company, EllisLab. The funny thing is, despite the fact that EllisLab made no formal announcements or a keynote of any kind, I do feel re-energized about ExpressionEngine just by having talked with members of the community. The vibe in person with the other developers was quite positive. These are all people who rely on EE in some way, whether they've built their entire business on or around EE, or only use it as part of their arsenal of services at their one-person web studio. These are people who found the value in paying to fly to Texas to hang out with like-minded developers to talk about EE for a few days. People's businesses are doing well, and the vibe was good. You couldn't not feel good about being able to use ExpressionEngine to build a successful business if you sat in Brad Parscale's (@devdemon, @parscale) energizing and fast-paced talk about "The Business of ExpressionEngine." Well done, Brad.

This was the last EECI run by Robert Eerhart of Whoooz Media, who has done an admirable job organizing six of them (I've been to four or five of those, myself). The future of a dedicated yearly ExpressionEngine conference isn't certain, but I did speak with Jessica D'Amico (@justjessdc) about devot:ee taking a more involved role in getting an EE conference organized for 2013. We'll have to see where those talks lead. Many thanks to Robert for organizing EECI for the past few years - we've enjoyed them all!

Recently Rolled Out

Order Specific Notes

We added an optional custom field on the checkout screen that allows you to add a note specific to that order. You can use this field to add a PO number or any other order specific notes you might have. Your  notes will show up at the bottom of the order invoice.

Address Info on PayPal Orders

Many overseas customers that use PayPal need to see address info on their order invoices, which isn't possible because we don't capture that information on PayPal orders. We now pull address info from your member account fields for display on PayPal invoices if those fields are populated. If you are one of the users that needs this information on your order invoices, make sure to populate those fields before viewing or printing your invoice.

New Add-ons This Week

  • Publisher ($) by Brian Litzinger
    Publisher is the only multilingual and workflow module for ExpressionEngine.
  • Environment by Trevor Davis
    Display which environment you are on at all times in the CP so you don't accidentally do something bad on the production environment.
  • Break Blade by Natetronn
    Break Blade will slice & dice text by a certain amount of characters and will add a <br> tag to the end of each line; except for the last line.
  • Formatted Date Plus ($) by Laisvunas
    Displays custom date according global or ad hoc format.
  • Category Field by Nuno Albuquerque
    This field type allows you organize your category groups as you would any other custom field type anywhere on your publish entries form. Additionally a filtered input is provided for long category lists.

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