This Week in devot:ee #90 - October 10, 2013

October 10, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

ExpressionEngine Conference is next week! Six new add-ons.

ExpressionEngine Conference 2013

The EE conference is next next week. Looking forward to seeing so many #eecms developers and users in one place. See you in Portland!

New Add-ons This Week

  • Grid Fieldtype for Freeform by Michael Rog
    This is a prototype Grid fieldtype for Freeform Pro. Still in development / use with caution.
  • JF Re-Order ($) by Jump Frog
    Allows you to assign channels which can be easily re-ordered via drag n drop. Assigned channels are added as a sub menu under the 'Content' tab for users who have permission to access the module.
  • Member Downloads ($) by Bhashkar Yadav
    This module allows to track the downloads by site members.
  • GitHub API ($) by CleverLever
    Access the GitHub API in your templates.
  • CI Multilanguage Module by Arthur Vincent Simon
    ExpressionEngine module that supports Multilanguage features by leveraging underlying Codeigniter's language structure
  • Dump Truck by The Outfit
    Dump Truck is an ExpressionEngine module which allows your admins to edit the content of an accessory. Accessory contents can also be tailored to specific member groups.

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