This Week in devot:ee #41 - November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week we added download counts for add-ons and selected our Editor’s Pick for November 2012: Low Variables.

Download Counts for Add-ons

This past week, we added download counts to the add-on pages. These counts only go as far back as earlier this year, when we added more robust download tracking to the Link Vault module, and hooked up every download link to be tracked through Link Vault. The addition of the download counts was mostly met with "hey, thanks!" type comments, but at least one person is not in favor of listing this information. If you're a commercial developer and you think these counts shouldn't show for some reason, just email us a reason why at We might consider allowing commercial devs to disable counts on their commercial add-on pages if more than one solitary person would like that capability.

Editor's Pick, November 2012: Low Variables

We use Low Variables on devot:ee, as well as on just about every client site we do. It's a fantastic add-on that allows for a ton of flexibility for storing "one off" pieces of content, or controls and switches that allow site admins to control different areas of their sites. If you've ver had the pleasure of meeting Low, you'll know that he is a right fine fellow and a very solid developer.

If you've never used Low Variables, you really are missing out on an easy way to make your ExpressionEngine sites more powerful than ever.

New Add-ons This Week

  • Target _blank ($, also for EE1) by Laisvunas
    Sets target="_blank" for any link that is not in the domain of the site_url value.
  • EEException by Jesse Bunch
    EEException is a handy add-on for ExpressionEngine that allows template developers (via a plugin) and add-on developers (via an extension hook) to report exceptions to Codebase where they can be more appropriately tracked.

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