This Week in devot:ee #43 - November 15, 2012

November 15, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week: an EECI 2013 survey that you should fill out and a few new add-ons.

EECI 2013 Survey

Please take a couple minutes to fill out the EECI Conference 2013 Survey so that the team involved with that conference can make it the best experience possible.

New Add-ons This Week

  • EE Debug Toolbar by mithra62 (Eric Lamb)
    Adds an unobtrusive interface for debugging output on an ExpressionEngine 2.0 site. Replaces default Profiler and Template Debugger provided with ExpressionEngine.
  • Republic Structure Tweaks by Republic
    A few tweaks that we think makes the already great Structure add-on even better, without messing with it.

Guess it's never too late to submit add-ons that are ExpressionEngine 1 only. This week we got a couple EE1 submissions from Hop Studios. 

  • Feed URL (for EE1) by Hop Studios
    This plugin simply outputs the value of a particular weblog’s RSS Feed URL (which you’ll find in the weblog’s path configuration in the control panel). Use it in any template on your site.
  • Publish That (for EE1) by Hop Studios
    Publish That lets you link viewers of your site to specific pages in the control panel. Using it you can: Add a link to create a new entry; Add a link to create a new template; Add a link to create a new category; Add a link to create a new gallery image. The link will only appear if the viewer is logged in and has sufficient privileges to edit the targeted content.

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