This Week in devot:ee #95 - November 14, 2013

November 14, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

This week, a small improvement to developer sales reports and six new add-ons.

Sale Report Update

Per a developer suggestion, we've added a "total" line to both the Add-ons Sold and Add-on Revenue line charts.

New Add-ons This Week

  • RSS Feedr ($) by Carl Crawley (Made by Hippo Ltd.)
    RSS Feedr allows you to aggregate limitless numbers of RSS providers into a single feed using a simple admin interface. It allows you to specify whether the RSS feeds are 'Automatic' (pulled in and published to the front end) or 'Manual' (pulled in but held in a 'draft feeds' option for manual publishing).
  • Zen EE by Judd Lyon
    A video encoding module and fieldtype for ExpressionEngine, powered by Zencoder.
  • Upload Path Updater by 96black
    This module allows you to easily update all of your file upload paths in one place, which is very useful when teams of people are working on an EE site in many different environments.
  • Fallback Field by Rein de Vries
    Ever wanted to use a fallback field in case some field is empty. Or use data from an other channel in case the field is empty. With the fallback module you can set one (or more) fallback fields that will be called if the field is empty.
  • Wygwam Taxonomy Links by iain
    Allows you to insert links to Taxonomy nodes from the Wygwam link dialogue.
  • EE Num2word by Sekar Suresh
    This Simple Plugin will convert Number to Words.

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