This Week in devot:ee #70 - May 23, 2013

May 23, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

This week: seven new add-ons, and a reminder that Peers Conference in Chicago is around the corner.

Peers Conference in Chicago June 26–28, 2013

June 26 will be here before you know it. Almost all of us here at devot:ee will be at Peers Conference in Chicago, and we know a load of other ExpressionEngine users and developers will be there as well. It looks like it will be a great conference. You should consider attending if you're into ExpressionEngine. Maybe we'll see you there!

New Add-ons This Week

The buzz this past week has been about the new Entry Analytics, which is a collaboration between Eric Lamb and Chris Imrie. Make sure to take a look at it if detailed analytics are important to your ExpressionEngine site.

  • Deetector by Tyssen
    An ExpressionEngine plugin of the Detector library - a simple, PHP- and javascript-based browser- and feature-detection library that can adapt to new devices & browsers on its own without the need to pull from a central database of browser information.
  • Direct Logout by Graf Technology, LLC
    This extension bypasses the "Are you sure you want to logout?" prompt inside of the EE Control Panel when you try to logout.
  • Streeng by Caddis
    Perform common operations on strings. Change case, truncate, find/replace, repeat, encode/decode, generate slugs and more.
  • Template Info by Sean Delaney
    Template Info is a simple plugin that displays basic template information about the primary template being rendered such as Template ID, Template Name, Template Group ID and Template Group Name.
  • Open API by PutYourLightsOn (Ben Croker)
    Open API is a front-end API for ExpressionEngine that provides authentication and CRUD functionality to the content and data in the CMS.
  • Template Routes by Rob Sanchez
    Control your URLs by remapping URI routes to a specific template, using CodeIgniter-style routing rules.
  • Entry Analytics ($) by Christopher Imrie & mithra62
    Entry analytics brings the performance of your content front and center. By integrating straight into the ExpressionEngine publish page, you'll never be left having to parse Google Analytics URI paths in order to figure out how popular your blog articles are or what Social Media sites are generating most pageviews for an entry.

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