This Week in devot:ee #18 - May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week we rolled out our new Quick Store, and we still need some help filling out add-on package names for the Devot:ee Monitor.

Recently Rolled Out

Quick Store

devot:ee quick store

This week we introduced the quickest way yet to get into devot:ee, get the add-ons you need, and get back to work: the devot:ee quick store. This is a simple, stripped down page that gives you the name, the price and an add-to-cart link for all of the commercial items in our store. You can click the Add To Cart icon for an item more than once if you need to add more than one of an item to your cart. The number in your cart will be reflected in the Added column. When you're all set, just head to your cart and checkout from there. 

We've already had a number of requests to beef this up in various ways, but we're going to stick with this simplicity for a while. We have another feature that will allow quick adding to a cart that is more powerful than this that we'd rather focus our development time on.

This was a fun thing to try and knock out in a day. Nice work, Jacob Russell and Benjamin Kohl for taking care of it so quickly, and a hat tip to Solspace for the inspiration (we can't let Solspace have something in their store that we don't have, can we?).

You can find the quick store at:

In Progress

The devot:ee monitor is hungry for package names

Package ExampleAdding a package name allows your add-on to work with the Devot:ee Monitor

Developers, we still need help getting package names into your entries so the devot:ee monitor can be more effective for everyone. There are still many popular add-ons that haven't had this field updated.

All you need to do is add your add-on's package name to this field, and it will immediately start being tracked by the monitor, whether your add-on is free or commercial. See the example picture.

We've tried to do a number of the most popular add-ons ourselves, but the process is a bit tedious (you can't always assume the package name is just a url-safe version of the add-on name, so we have to download/open each add-on to confirm the package name) so we haven't been able to get to everything. Thanks for any help you can provide!

This Week in Add-ons

  • BSD PublishEEr (for EE2) by Blue State Digital
    This Control Panel accessory adds the ability to filter channels in the publish menu.
  • CP Analytics (10-site license) ($, for EE2) by Derek Hogue (Amphibian Design)
    Beautifully display your Google Analytics statistics in the control panel using an accessory tab, widescreen homepage line chart, and dashEE widget. 10-site license pack.
  • Twittero (for EE2) by Simon Willans
    We can already hear you thinking “not another Twitter plugin?!” Don’t worry – this is one with a difference.
  • Low Options (for EE2) by Lodewijk Schutte (Low)
    Low Options displays the list items or options for a given channel field. Compatible with native Select DropDown and Checkboxes fields, as well as Pixel & Tonic's channel fields that use options.
  • Login Backup Developer ($, for EE2) by Rein de Vries
    The Login Backup module is a module where you can make full backups of your EE installation. The backups can be started manually as via a CRON job. Beside that there is also a function that will trigger the backup on login. It is FTP ready and in the future it will support other cloud servers as well.
  • Cipher (for EE2) by Chris Monnat
    Cipher is a plain text EE fieldtype that displays content correctly in the publish screen and on the font-end of your website but stores the value as an encrypted string within your EE database. This fieldtype uses CodeIgniters encrypt library and allows you to provide a unique encryption key for each field you add using this type for ultimate security.
  • Nyan (for EE2) by Kyle Weiner (Kylemade)
    Nyan displays a list of categories in a tag cloud format, where each category is assigned a CSS class based on its popularity.
  • Hop Limit Login ($, for EE2) by Hop Studios
    Do you have a site that you want to protect from overuse? Would you like to cut down on the amount of passing around of logins that people can do? One way to solve that problem is to limit the number of times people can login to ExpressionEngine, and this add-on does exactly that. It’s an extension.
  • ProForm - 10 License Pack ($, for EE2) by Isaac Raway (Airways)
    ProForm is the first ever drag and drop form builder for EE 2.0. It's easy to use, powerful, and extremely customizable. This is a 10 license pack that you can apply to multiple projects.

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