This Week in devot:ee #119 - May 16, 2014

May 16, 2014
by Ryan Masuga

Four new add-ons, devot:ee shirt campaign, forum conversations.

We missed an update last week. Simple oversight with so many things going on here.

Discussions Happening in the devot:ee Forums

We recently launched the devot:ee forums, and we already have our first huge discussion going on, in this case about paid support options for ExpressionEngine developers. Whether you use add-ons, create them, or both, this is an interesting dicussion if you have a care about the EE add-on and development ecosystem. 

There are other discussions going on as well. Check them out!

Teespring Shirt

We launched a Teespring t-shirt campaign for our 5th birthday, but it doesn't look like this shirt is going to get printed. We'll try again with another design soon. We have a couple ideas for shirts that might be more interesting!

New Add-ons This Week

  • Time From Now by jbueler (jbueler)
    Time from now will let you add a string modifier to the current time and will return a datetime string in its place. This would be useful for performing channel entries loops with the start_on and stop_before parameters. This will let you use dynamic dates in situations where you may have had to enable PHP before.
  • Hop Fasta ($) by Hop Studios
    A Hop Studios Accessory that puts a Quick Update button on the Template editor.
  • Resizer by Caddis
    Use Resizer to to resize, cache, and retrieve images with a number of options.
  • Codeebird by Dan Herd
    An ExpressionEngine wrapper for the Codebird PHP Twitter library.

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