This Week in devot:ee #8 - March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week we have a new API key for use with the order reporting, updates to sales reports, and a widget to view devot:ee sales in your EE control panel.

Yesterday, we had an out-of-sync server causing all sorts of login issues (as in, you were lucky if you could stay logged in for more than one page load). The problem was identified and fixed, so you shouldn't have any issues now. Please let us know if you're still experiencing any problems logging in.

Recently Rolled Out

New API and Secret Keys for Orders API Access

Instead of username and password you can use your new API key and secret key to get your add-on sales information. This is more secure and ensures that your devot:ee username and password aren't floating around in various scripts. The new keys and sample usage are documented on the our Orders API page, and you can find your keys on your main member page. Your username and password will still work, but we suggest you update any scripts to use the new keys.

New Additions to Sales Reporting

Developers can now view detailed lists of returned and gifted items in month and year views in their sales reports. By default you are viewing your sales, but clicking on Returns or Gifts will show you detailed lists as well. This will help eliminate confusion when items have been returned, but your numbers didn't exactly match up.

Other Items of Note

DashEE Widget for devot:ee Sales

Chris Monnat (@chrismonnat) created a DashEE (DashEE is a fully customizable ExpressionEngine control panel dashboard alternative) widget that gets the last 30 days of devot:ee sales. You can download this for free from GitHub. Note that Chris is already using the new API/secret key combo in this script.

This Week in Add-ons

  • Login Backup Pro ($, for EE2) by Rein de Vries
    The Login Backup Pro module is a module where you can make full backups of your EE installation. The backups can be started manually as via a CRON. Beside that there is also a function that will trigger the backup on login. It is also FTP ready and in the future it will support other cloud servers as well.
  • True Preview ($, for EE2) by Laisvunas
    True Preview allows you to preview the entry being edited by clicking Preview link on Edit Entry page in ExpressionEngine's control panel.
  • Store : Quotations ($, for EE2) by Percipio
    This addon extends Exp:resso Store and allows you to create, manage and send quotes.
  • AjaxPublish ($, for EE2) by Isaac Raway (Airways)
    AjaxPublish hooks into the publish page to prevent the need for a full page reload when saving an entry. This can greatly improve the performance and experience of editing content through ExpressionEngine.
  • Bookmarks ($, for EE2) by Yuri Salimovskiy (IntoEEtive)
    This module lets people bookmark ExpressionEngine entries, members, comments and categories for quick access. You can think of it as of light version of favorites module.
  • Foursquare Venue ($, for EE2) by Jeff Freeman
    This plugin displays information about a Foursquare venue, including the number of users who have checked in to the venue and the current mayor.
  • Marker (for EE2) by Lee Hilton
    Marker is an EE 2.x plugin that converts between Markdown and HTML. Both directions are supported, Markdown -> HTML as well as HTML -> Markdown.
  • MSM Site URL (for EE2) by Rein de Vries
    If you have problems getting the site URL from another MSM site, then you need this plugin! This small plugin get the site url from a given entry_id or site_short_name.
  • Helpdesk ($, for EE2) by KREA (Peter Felix)
    Helpdesk for ExpressionEngine enables EE-powered sites to run their own customer support platform. Create support tickets from emails or stand-alone ticket forms (SATF), assign them to your colleagues and publish your e-mail communication into channel entries.
  • NSM Devot:ee Stats (for EE2) by Leevi Graham (Newism)
    Retrieve add-on statistics from Devot:ee.

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