This Week in devot:ee #59 - March 7, 2013

March 7, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

New add-on scoring for more relevant search results; take a look at our EE Config Variables page.

More Relevant Search Results

We've developed our own custom add-on scoring system that we're using to amplify the normal search results. You should notice immediately that when searching for common items like "matrix" or "playa" that the item you're probably searching for is now appearing at the top of the list instead of 4-5 results further down. This add-on scoring system will play into a few other things we're developing to help propel the very best add-ons to the top of the pack when searching devot:ee. 

EE Config Variables

We added a link to our EE Config Variables page under "Extras" in the main nav. There have been a number of references to this page recently over at ExpressionEngine® Answers, like this one and this one, so we thought we should make this page easier to find. If you would like to add anything to this resource, please email us.

New Add-ons This Week

  • Simple Tracker by e-Commerce Consultores
    This simple plugin lets you track any entry using the standard view_count fields. Useful to track entries when EE is not aware that a page is a single entry page, for example when using Structure + Freebie.
  • Query Redirect by Isaac Raway (Airways)
    Redirect when detected query string variables are detected. Assemble new URL based on the current URL + values pulled from Global Vars, GET and POST data.
  • Total Days In the Month by Johnathan Waters
    This plugin returns the total number of days in a month. This functionality is overlooked in some calendar/event plugins. You can quickly determine the last date of a month.
  • Table of Contents Pro ($) by Mark J. Reeves (Clearbold)
    Table of Contents Pro generates a nested unordered list of jump links to specified headings in your WYSIWYG field's output. You specify the tags and the number of heading levels to include.
  • BiopsEE ($) by Digital Surgeons
    Take a look at each and every step of EE template parsing with syntax highlighting and diffs. Find performance issues and parse order bugs with ease and save hours of time and frustration.
  • Metor for Transcribe ($) by 25hweb
    Metor allows you to easily see in Control Panel the language associated with each entry.
  • Crush by Mark Croxton
    CSS Crush is an extensible PHP based CSS preprocessor that aims to alleviate many of the hacks and workarounds necessary in modern CSS development. This plugin is a wrapper for CSS Crush that allows you to use it in ExpressionEngine templates.
  • NSM Twitter ($) by Leevi Graham (Newism)
    NSM Twitter is an oAuth authenticated ExpressionEngine addon that allows you to post Tweets to one or more Twitter accounts when an entry is modified or from a handy accessory.
  • NSM Addon Updater by Leevi Graham (Newism)
    NSM Addon Updater is an ExpressionEngine 2.0 accessory that notifies site admins when an installed addon has been updated. It checks developer supplied external RSS feeds for version updates and displays them in the extension admin.

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