This Week in devot:ee #62 - March 28, 2013

March 28, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

Some clarification on add-on licenses, a better look at orders and items the are awaiting refunds, and four new add-ons.

Add-on Licenses

Please note that almost without exception, add-on licenses are per-site. Some developers offer dev licenses which are good for any number of sites, but those are generally clearly marked (or separate entries). We added some language around this near the download button on the single-entry pages of items you've previously purchased: 

Unless you have a developer's license, you are required to buy a license for each site in which you use this add-on.

The download button on the single entry add-on pages is there as a convenience. If you're unsure about an add-ons licensing, contact the developer. Please support your favorite ExpressionEngine developers by buying the appropriate number of licenses!


We fixed the return process so that you can now see details about ordesr and an item or items that are currently "pending refund." Previously, items with this status went into limbo until we were done processing them. Now you can always see which orders are in a pending state, and which items on those orders still need to be processed. Orders with a Pending Refund status will have a note on them in red, and any items on that order for which a refund has been requested will appear in red as well.

New Add-ons This Week

  • SurgeEO ($) by Digital Surgeons
    SurgeEO is an add-on that lets you add SEO meta data to your site pages, and control those in the admin area. But unlike other SEO add-ons, you can manage SEO meta data on pages which are not entries.
  • GroupDocs Signature by GroupDocs
    GroupDocs Signature is a secure and legally binding online signature service that allows you to instantly sign documents on any web-enabled device. Whether you are in the office or on the go, documents can be signed easily in seconds.
  • Unit Converter ($) by w3care
    Unit Converter is a simple custom field type which enables to set different units and their values. It can be useful for setting different measument units. It's almost same like mobile's Unit Converter app. For example, you are having a custom field for entering the value in kg and would like to populate the values in different weight measument units. You can easily set the units from the field’s setting and populate at front end for the same.
  • Audit Tags ($) by Mark J. Reeves (Clearbold)
    Audit Tags enables template output of data logged using Audit or Audit Pro.

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