This Week in devot:ee #10 - March 22, 2012

March 22, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

Order info updates, our Facebook page update, an even better Ban Hammer, and advertising opportunities.

Most of our work this week revolved around under-the-hood updates and bug fixes.

Recently Rolled Out

Subtle Order Info Updates

It's becoming a common practice to create a devot:ee account for a client and to transfer licenses to that account. This caused orders that had trasferred items to look incorrect, so we fixed that issue, and also slightly greyed out the title of any add-ons in your orders list that were transferred. Again, these items still show in your orders area for accuracy, but are greyed out to indicate that they have been transferred. On the invoice itself, each item will have the word "Transferred" next to it.

A Better Ban Hammer

We've added a another tool for us to be able to wipe out spam posts across the support forums. We're getting good at this. We know for a fact that some spam topics have been up less than 5 minutes before the author was banned and the posts were wiped out. We hope all the tools we're developing to keep the support forums clean are making those support areas a better experience for you.

Our Facebook Page

We've started updating our Facebook Page again. For a long time, we could not get Facebook to recognize our RSS feed. We're trying a new app to get all our add-on and news updates, and it appears to be working as expected.

In Other News

This Week @Twitter

The tweet of the week:

I think it goes without saying that we thought this was a cool idea. What do you think? Would you be interested in being able to purchase ExpressionEngine® licenses anywhere other than

Other niceties that make us feel good:

Thanks, but lets not forgot how much work Jacob Russell (@jacobrussell) and Benjamin Kohl (@benjaminkohl) put into the site as well.

Croxton is indeed an amazing ExpressionEngine® developer. You'll have to wait until later this year to place your vote in the AcademEE Awards!

And our favorite:

Thanks, Joelle.

Advertising on devot:ee

This is the first month where we are fully running on our new ad system and managing ad sales through BuyAds. We switched a few of the most popular and most frequently shown zones to CPM (cost per thousand impressions) in the hopes that people who who had never been able to get their ads into devot:ee can now do so, and for less money. We had some tenancy spots (your ad is in a location for a certain amount of time regardless of the number of impressions) open up as well, which is quite rare - especially on the homepage. If you're interested in advertising, visit the devot:ee BuyAds page for pricing and availability. If you have any questions, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

This Week in Add-ons

  • Entry Directories (for EE2) by koivi
    Within selected channels, creates a directory for each entry based on a field value inside a parent directory.
  • Disable Template Editor (EE1) (for EE1) by CueBit
    Disables the EE1 template editor for users to control templates via source control. This prevents users from creating out of sync issues between the server and repo.
  • Pitch No Code (for EE2) by Ben Lilley
    A really simple EE2 plugin that will remove HTML, CSS, JS, PHP from whatever content you give it. Useful if you want to strip formatting from fields on the front-end.
  • Rename Publish Tabs (for EE2) by Nuno Albuquerque
    This accessory allows renaming of tabs in publish entry screens.

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