This Week in devot:ee #61 - March 21, 2013

March 21, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

This week we added a new Language Pack category and add six new add-ons and an Italian language pack.

New Category: Language Packs

We added a new Language Pack category, which is seeded with 25hweb's Italian translation.

New Add-ons This Week

  • Embed video by KREA (Peter Felix)
    Embed video is a fieldtype for ExpressionEngine that will give your clients and editors a possibility to add Youtube videos or Flash videos on the publish page.
  • Amazon S3 Signed URLs ($) by Goldhawk (gregormck)
    Create signed URLs for your PRIVATE Amazon S3 files. This means that you can share files with customers, members and the public AND put an expiry date on the URL without making your assets publicly available.
  • Editorial Calendar ($) by Glenn Jacobs
    Manage your posts with ease with this calendar schedule. You can see all posts for the month, week or day. Click to edit a post and even drag them around to change their date and time.
  • Audit Pro ($) by Mark J. Reeves (Clearbold)
    Know who did what and when they did it. Audit Pro provides more detailed activity logging for the Control Panel, supports custom email notifications and searching log entries.
  • Entry Trash by Rein de Vries
    Entry Trash is a Extension that will move an entry upon deletetion to the trash, with all their associated data. From here you can view the entries and you can restore or delete the entries entirely from the database. By using the Entry Trash, you will never lose your entry data entirely or accidentally by deleting.
  • Preevious by Pumpinteractive (Aaron Caldwell)
    A plugin that prints the previous page url to screen or redirects to the previous page. Uses the PHP $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] and the php header redirect.
  • Italian CP Language Pack ($) by 25hweb
    A full Italian translation for your customers!

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