This Week in devot:ee #112 - March 20, 2014

March 20, 2014
by Ryan Masuga

Three new add-ons. The Lamplighter add-on will take the place of devot:ee Monitor.

The Lamplighter Add-on Will Take the Place of devot:ee Monitor

The devot:ee Monitor has been a very popular add-on since we launched it in April 2012. As part of our bigger vision for how EE developers can monitor and update their add-ons, we're retiring Monitor and moving our development time and effort to the Lamplighter add-on, which will take the place of Monitor. Lamplighter includes all the functionality of devot:ee Monitor. Monitor's final version is the current one: 1.2.4.

We encourage you to switch out any devot:ee Monitor installs you have with Lamplighter (v1.1.2+) at your earliest convenience. devot:ee Monitor will no longer be patched or updated. It will continue to work until the end of June 2014.

The Lamplighter add-on is part of the website monitoring service, but there is no need to sign up for to use the add-on. We (that is, the Masuga Design team) are responsible for both and, so you can be sure that the support and updates we previously brought to the Monitor will continue with the Lamplighter add-on.

You will not notice much difference in the add-on. The basic monitoring functionality that you've come to be so familiar with in devot:ee Monitor remains free and looks identical in Lamplighter. Just install Lamplighter like you would have installed devot:ee Monitor. You will notice an additional module now, which you don't need to do anything with unless you're using the Lamplighter service.

We have plans to make this add-on much more useful to those of you who do have Lamplighter accounts, but again: install it for free and enjoy the overall view of your add-ons on a site-by-site basis, just as you did with Monitor.

If you're interested in monitoring all of your sites (including non-EE ones) in a single place, we encourage you to check out

New Add-ons This Week

  • Str To Time by Ahmad Saad
    Returns a Unix timestamp from a date string.
  • Mailto by Digi Nut
    The Mailto plugin constructs a properly encoded mailto: link URL with subject and body.
  • Red Carrot Debug by Red Carrot
    An ExpressionEngine plugin that outputs useful data to help folks on StackExchange debug problems.

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