This Week in devot:ee #7 - March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week we report on an interesting use of the devot:ee orders API by a developer to visualize sales, and some sales report updates.

Recently Rolled Out

Changes to Sales Reports for Commercial Devs

We made all the sales report queries consistent in the reports area. Some of you were noticing discrepancies and that's because some data was pulled out with custom queries and some was coming from channel entries loops. The way these were working with the entry date led to inconsistent results. We're no longer doing sales reports off the entry date. In order to "solidify" the date an item was sold, we're now using the year/month/day columns.

Keep in mind that making this change might shift a few items here and there, but this will not affect payouts in any way. The bottom line is: you sold what you sold and we've just made sure that wherever you look in the sales reports, we always know when you sold it. If you notice anything that doesn't line up in any way, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I'll ensure things are squared away for you.

We also added one small stat to your sales report pages: Total Items Returned. This way, although you may have received 30 sales notification emails, but there are only 29 items in your reports, you'll know that the 1 item was returned. Don't forget you can opt-in to be notified about returns of your add-ons. This option is found under "Edit Your Profile."

Visualize Your devot:ee Sales

Ben Croker (@ben_pylo) has written an article on visualizing his devot:ee sales using data from the Orders API. He is making this script freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License so if you sell add-ons on devot:ee, you can grab his script and start visualizing your sales in no time.

This Week in Add-ons

  • Wygwam Entries ($, for EE2) by Toby Evans
    This is an extension to Wygwam using the new config hook. It adds support for linking to any channel entry (not just from the Pages module)
  • Social Sign On ($, for EE2) by Laisvunas
    'Enables to login and register to ExpressionEngine website using popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo etc. Allows you to grab much info about user from his social account. Based on Hybridauth library.
  • Clone Layout Module (for EE2) by Ted Geving
    Clone / Copy a Publish Page Layout from one channel for a different group and/or channel.
  • Forms ($, for EE2) by DevDemon
    Forms are finally simple and powerful in ExpressionEngine. Delivering like no other module seen before in ExpressionEngine we make the job of creating forms simple for you and your content admin. Previously forms were a hassle in ExpressionEngine, tucked deeply within the modules system, they were cumbersome and extremely difficult for a non-developer to use. These days are over, Forms is about to set you free!
  • SugarMembers ($, for EE2) by Atcore Systems
    SugarMembers is a SugarCRM module and Expression Engine addon the enables the creation of new ExpressionEngine users from the SugarCRM interface. This is a great solution when looking to create a user portal in Expression Engine that is integrated with SugarCRM.

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