This Week in devot:ee #72 - June 7, 2013

June 7, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

Minimum payouts for developers are now in place; three new add-ons.

Minimum Payouts are Now in Place for Developers

We now have a $100 minimum payout for developers. As a general reminder, remember that payouts occur on or around the 15th of every month, or, if the 15th falls on a weekend, the closest business day after the 15th. Money is transferred to developers via the method of choice as selected in your Profile area. If a developer hasn't hit the $100 threshold by the end of the year, we will pay out whatever is owed for that year the following February.

We've updated the developer sales report pages with a new Payouts block at the top that shows payout information for the current year. If you have questions about the payouts, please contact

New Add-ons This Week

  • Typogrify by Easy Designs
    The Typogrify plugin for Expression Engine is a reinterpretation of the Django templates of the same name.
  • Font Awesome Star Rank by JCDerrick
    Font Awesome Star Rank is a fieldtype that providers publishers the ability to add a simple star rating input field to their entries. On the 'front end' the field type will output as a simple and easily styled Bootstrap friendly star ranking. Font Awesome Star Rank is compatible with Pixel & Tonic's Matrix fieldtype. Font Awesome 3.1.0 or higher is required for use with this add-on! A free plugin is included with version 1.2+
  • Select2 ($) by Pv Ledoux
    Select2 for ExpressionEngine is a user-friendly select box fieldtype (single or multi-select) with support for plain text options or SQL query and allows you to search in the option list.

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