This Week in devot:ee #74 - June 22, 2013

June 21, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

Seven new add-ons this past week, including the amazing looking Photo Frame from ObjectiveHTML. Peers Conference is this coming week, and we’ll be there!

Peers Conference

We're looking forward to attending Peers Conference in Chicago this coming week. Looks like a great line-up, and we know a bunch of old friends will be in town. If you're planning on going, we hope to see you there!

New Add-ons This Week

Make sure to take a look at Photo Frame from Objective HTML, released this past week. The execution looks top-notch.

  • MC Country by Michael Cohen (ProImage)
    Uses the IP2Nation module to detect and output a visitor's country (the ISO country code) from their IP. Can optionally display content or redirect to a URL if a visitor is from a specified list of countries.
  • Photo Frame ($) by Objective HTML
    Photo Frame is a robust module that allows you to upload and manipulate photos using a clean and simple interface. Photo Frame has a plethora of settings and configurations and is compatible with many of the best add-ons, so it can be used in exactly the way you need it. The possibilities are endless and your users will love it.
  • Photo Frame Effects Pack ($) by Objective HTML
    The Effects Pack adds a new button, and new effects preview window to the Photo Frame Toolbar. There are 10 effects in this package, 4 are completely original. The following effects are included in the package: grayscale, sepia, emboss, edge detections, mean removal, negative, aged paper, newspaper, storybook, and midnight.
  • Photo Frame Button Pack ($) by Objective HTML
    The Button Pack adds 9 additional buttons to the Photo Frame toolbar. The following buttons are included in the package: blur, brightness, contrast, flip, pixelate, rgba, sharpess, smoothness, and vignette.
  • Link Vault Limiter by Masuga Design
    This extension enforces member download limits for the Link Vault add-on.
  • Just Resize ($) by Isaac Raway (Airways)
    Just Resize does one thing - it just resizes images. It does not fetch remote images, it doesn't do sepia tone effects, it just resizes and returns a URL to the saved image. This combined with copious amounts of debug output make it the best choice for simple image resizing tasks - it just works.
  • Better Category Layout by JCDerrick
    Better Category Layout allows developers to easily arrange their category groups on a single line, where all the fieldsets have an equal height. It's plain and simple, but it works.

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